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School Council 2018(1)

How we elected?

On Tuesday 16th October the whole of Key Stage 2 at Snaresbrook Primary School voted in our School Council elections. The process involved prospective councilors being first voted as class council. This narrowed the nominees down to three boys and three girls per class. The names of these children were then placed on voting slips and we all voted, General Election style, in a secret ballot. The votes were counted and our 2018/2019 School Council was duly elected. The children had great fun during the voting process and gained an insight into what it is like to vote in a real election

School Council Voting

What we will do?

The School Council is here to listen to the pupil voice of our school. Each representative will ensure that their class has an ideas box and ideas forms, so that all children can contribute to changes around our school and beyond. The newly elected councilors are lucky enough to be visiting the Houses of Parliament on 19th November, where they will learn lots more about democracy and the democratic process. Also, the councilors will be issuing all classes with foam footballs as our first response to a frequent request.

School Council Members

3DB Class Council Members


-Buddy Bench
-Doors in front of toilets.
-A slide.
-More space on the coat pegs.
-Better school dinners.


-better school dinners
-more staff
-wet play toys, own desks, better space for coats.
-shelter outside
-More colouring pencils, more play equipment
-better school dinners
-bigger YR3 toilets

3TH Class Council Members


The reason I wanted to be a school councilor is because, in the school there are some things that we need to change. I would like the school to be the best in Europe. Firstly, I would like to have an outside eating area so everyone can have some fresh air. Also, for everyone to have a joyful time at school.


I think I would be a good for the School Council because, I will listen to other people’s ideas. My family agree that I am kind, funny, generous and efficient. I am also good at coming up with ideas of how to improve our school.

4AC Class Council Members


Better football goals and nets. Half grass/ half astro turf on the field More equipment in the playground (swings and slides) Air fresheners in the toilets.


-Hook on toilet doors
-Better coat racks 
-No ropes on the monkey bars 
-Steps to reach the monkey bars 
-Lunch time clubs
-Better climbing frame for KS2 
-Running club in the morning 
-Hockey club 
-New girls toilets 
-New blinds

4SC Class Council Members


Why did I want to be in the School Council?
I have lots of spare time and I thought I would use it for something useful.

Why did I get voted in?
I am trusted and respected by my classmates.

What are my aims?
To put forward ideas for changes that would benefit everyone.


I think people chose me because they thought I might be a good School Councilor because of my manifesto and they liked my ideas and my personality.

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