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Recent Events-

KS1 Sports Council Organise "Coat Collection for Homeless"

The children in the KS1 Sports Council decided to undertake a charitable task. The discussed who needed help and decided that with the upcoming cold weather, that we should collect warm clothing to donate to the less fortunate. They created and advert and re-wrote a Christmas classic to accompany their message.
Please bring all donations to the 1TD collection point. 

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Snaresbrook to Wembley, 7 - Nil Thrill

Through our working partnership with the FA, we were able to acquire 400 tickets to the England vs Montenegro, Euro 2020 qualifying match. It was a truly magical evening in which we got to watch England win 7- 0. What a fantastic result! One that will live long in the memory.

London Youth Games Netball Tournament

Our Year 6 mixed netball team have been practising their skills during lunchtimes since the start of term. Mrs Sells and Mrs Maritz took the team to the Forest Academy in Hainault to compete against the best in the borough. The team fought hard and played with great sportsmanship (photograph not from event).

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London Youth Games - Mixed Football

Our Year 6 mixed football team have been practising their skills during lunchtimes since the start of term. Mr O'Donoghue and Mr Sullivan took the team to the Forest Academy in Hainault to compete against the best in the borough. The team fought hard and played with great sportsmanship.

Sports Council Visit the London Stadium

To celebrate the formation of the new sports council, we took a team building trip to the West Ham Foundation. We visited the royal lounge, dugout, changing rooms, Olympic track and were given an explanation on how the stadium remains innovative .


Chloe Morgan Visit

We were very excited to have Chloe Morgan (Tottenham Hotspur Goalkeeper) visit our school. She was fantastic; she played games with our children during lunchtime, led PE lessons with our Year 6's in the afternoon and then held a whole school assembly at the end of the day. A great inspiration to our young female footballers.

Snaresbrook Girls Interview Chloe Morgan

We were very excited to have Chloe Morgan (Tottenham Hotspur Goalkeeper) visit our school. 

The Girls from our Year 6 Sports Council planned and held an interview with Chloe to investigate how she got into football and what her challenges were growing up.

A very inspirational interview. 

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Leyton Orient Futsal Tournament

Our Girls Football Team visited the Leyton Orient Score centre to take part in a Futsal Tournament. It was a challenging experience in which the team have grown and adapted from. There were lots of really strong teams at the event (great to see) and we send our congratulations to Churchfields Juniors who won the overall event.

KS2 Snaresbrook Autumn Football League- Champions 'Green'

Throughout the Autumn term, the children have been battling it out in the KS2 Lunchtime League. Teams Pink, Blue, Green and Yellow have all been very competitive in their matchups. 

On the last match day of the season it was all to play for between Green and Yellow. After all was said and done it was the 'Green Team' that came away with the trophy.


Formation of the New Sports Council

With a new year comes a new sports council. The Year 6 captains came together with Mr O'Donoghue to organise how we would select the new members. 

The children were given a chance to make written applications to join the team and then the Year 6 captains selected a boy and girl from each year group. 


Year 2 Netball Champions

Throughout the Autumn term, the children in Year 2 have been learning Netball in their PE Lessons. They have been learning the rules of the game and practising key skills. 

They have been playing an adaption of the game called 'Netball 360', in which there are a central collection of nets in which teams try to score in. 

At the end of the unit the children competed in a tournament with the pink team taking home the gold.

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London Youth Games- Girls Battle for Bronze

Our Year 6 Girls football team have been practising their skills during lunchtimes since the start of term. Mr O'Donoghue and Mr Sullivan took the team to the St Auybrn's School in Woodford to compete against the best in the borough. The team fought hard and played with great sportsmanship winning the bronze medal in a penalty shootout vs Aldersbrook.

West Ham Ladies vs Tottenham Ladies Trip

Through the West Ham Foundation, we were able to acquire 400 tickets to watch a WSL match at the London Stadium. It was a great day in which we were able to share a day out as a community. The Tottenham Hotspur ladies ended up winning the match 1-0.


WSA- Football Tournament

In the first tournament of the new season, Oakdale Juniors and Wanstead Church travelled to Snaresbrook Primary to take part in the WSA Autumn Football Championship. In a hard fought tournement it was Wasntead Church Primary School that came away victorious. Well done Mr O'Leary for coaching your team to victory.

AFC Leyton - Girls Football Training & Trials

AFC Leyton are coming to Snaresbrook. We have been creating links with this local organisation and las year had 4 girls selected to join their team. 

This year we want to add to that number, AFC Leyton will be coming in over several weeks to organise sessions with every girl in our school. 


Autumn Cross Country - Silver Medalists

In our first of three cross-country events, our team won the silver medal in the 'Autumn Run'. All of the children competed with great passion and sportsmanship.  

A great achievement to start off the new academic year. We look forward to lots more success in 2019-2020.

Well done children 

Petty Son & Prestwich Sponsorhip

Off the back of Daniel's stunning world record, John Wagstaff of Petty Son & Prestwich struck up a sponsorship deal with the school football team.The new Year 6 captains Joaquin and Freya met with Mr O’Donoghue to design the new kit and send off the proposed deal. The Swans will be lining up next year in a new sleek black and gold strip ready to take on the new season. Thank you very much Petty Son and Prestwich.


SKY News Visit

Sadly the Lionesses were knocked out of the World Cup by the ladies from the USA. Our school has been sending our support to the England team through videos and tweets, to which we received video messages back from Steph Houghton and Karen Bardsley. SKY News heard about this and were straight on the phone to Mr Ford.The day after the match, they sent down their broadcast team to interview our girls.

Daniel Breaks World Record for Most Bottle Flips

On a sunny Tuesday afternoon, our very own Daniel set out to complete a task that has never been done before. Daniel wanted to set the world record for most amount of bottle flips completed inside of one minute. He had been practising for months and weeks and now it was time to complete the feat. As the community gathered to observe Daniel managed to smash the world record with 47 successful flips. A big thank you to Local businessmen John Wagstaff and Mark Mountney also acted as the independent witnesses required on the day.

daniel bottle flip

Summer Fair

The Summer Fair was a great success! All of the community turned up for the lovely sunny Sunday celebration. There were Go-Karts, face painting, live music, sports and so much more. It was great to open up the school and share a fantastic Sunday afternoon together.

Aldersbrook Lawn Tennis Club

We were very lucky to have Mr Jorge Santos from the Aldersbrook Lawn Tennis Club visit us to host tennis sessions. He spent two days with the children teaching tennis skills across the school. This was a great opportunity for the children to experience high quality coaching. Mr Santos then invited our students to visit their tennis club for a free session.


2019 'Summer Run' Cross Country Champions

In our second success of the year, our cross-country team won the 2019 'Summer Run' Cross Country. All of the children competed with great passion and sportsmanship.  

Two out of three championships this year. Great work team, now we must look ahead to retaining the 'Autumn Run' Cross Country Championship.

Snaresbrook Squirrels Run the Westminster Mile

The Snaresbrook Squirrels, a running team made up from our children, went to Buckingham Palace to complete the Westminster Mile. Over thirty children took part in the race with our fastest runners, Eddie and Joseph finishing in the top twenty. They had voted and decided on raising money for the Great Ormond Street Hospital.


Leyton Orient Mascot Appearance

Due to their outstanding sportsmanship and performances in recent tournaments, our children were chosen to act as player mascots in the Leyton Orient vs Wrexham football match. It was an exciting game and a great experience for our girls football team.

Wembley Trip

What a great day! Mr O’Donoghue, Miss Heard, Mr Sullivan and Mr Walker took twenty very excited children to Wembley. They went to watch the Women’s FA Cup Final between West Ham and Manchester City. In a very exciting match that ended 3-0 to the citizens. 

A big thank you to our parent helper, Mr Walker, for giving up his Saturday to support the trip.


Snaresbrook Snails Complete the Woodford Half-Marathon

The Snaresbrook Snails, a running team comprised of three parents and Mr O’Donoghue, took the the streets of Woodford to complete a half-marathon. Our fastest runner finished the course in one hour and thirty minutes with Mr O’Donoghue and Mr Smith crossing the line in just over two hours. 
They have been raising money for ELHAP a local adventure playground for children with SEN.

2018 'Autumn Run' Cross Country Champions

In our first cross country event of the year, we won the 2018 'Autmun Run'. All of the children competed with great passion and sportsmanship.  We are very proud of all of our young runners. Well done children

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Snaresbrook Girls Vs Wanstead Church Girls

In the first match of the new season Wanstead Church travelled to Snaresbrook Primary to take part in a hard fought game. Goals were flying in for both teams but in the end it was the Girls from Snaresbrook who were victorious.

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