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Step Counting Week

In conjunction with our Planet Ambassadors, who are trying to raise awareness of how children travel to school can create pollution. We are going to be holding a Step Counting Week at Snaresbrook Primary School. This will involve the children counting how many steps it takes them to travel to school.

We would like to ask if one day of that week you could support your child in counting how many steps it takes them to arrive at school. So they can tell their class teacher and we can see which class takes the most steps to get to school. 

Thank you for your continued support

The Planet Ambassadors have created a video about the air quality at our school and how we can help to improve it. 



Snaresbrook’s Nursery Children are enrolled every year into TFL’s – The Children’s Traffic Club London.   The website is full of helpful and useful tips to keep our children safe.  

To access the website click on the image below.


Cycling Tips

Everyone can become a better and safer cyclist, your never too old or too young to learn.  The link has some good cycling advice and tips.


Cycle Safety

It is important to make sure your helmet fits correctly.



Bike Maintenance

Dr Bike is coming to Snaresbrook soon, keep an eye on the website and twitter for the date!

It is important to make sure your / your child’s is roadworthy.

Dr Bike sessions give you a chance to have your bike checked over by a mechanic to ensure they are roadworthy.

Minor issues such as flat tyres or loose brake and gear cables are common reasons for bikes to be left unused. The sessions involve 10-minute check-ups on each bike including pumping tyres, adjusting saddles, and tuning up brakes and gears. More serious repairs or broken bikes are referred to a bike shop.

Why not learning some new skills, London Borough of Redbridge run subsided Bike Maintenance course (£18 per person), for more information click the image the below.


    Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many scooter spaces are there in the scooter park?

    48 spaces

  • How many bike spaces are there in the bike park?

    50 spaces

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