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School Trip Information

Pre-trip Briefing and Guidance for Parents

Educational school visits are a valuable part of the school curriculum at Snaresbrook Primary School. They provide our children with new and real-life experiences that enhance our teaching within school. The security of children on school visits is an essential priority and every effort is made to ensure that trips run as smoothly, enjoyably and safely as possible for our children.

Teachers will have carried out pre-visit checks and risk assessments for each visit. The children are briefed on safety and expectations of behaviour before hand. All excursions require a minimum adult-to-child ratio and therefore we request parental support to fulfil this ratio. Teachers can often only take a certain number of adults due to cost and coach implications. To ensure all parties participating in school visits are aware of expectations and safety we have put together some guidelines for parents who are helping on a school trip.

Guidelines for Parents


The teacher will have planned the trip carefully and will share with you the schedule of the day on your arrival to school. Please be aware of the need to follow timings and make sure you are in directed places at given times.

Though the teacher is responsible for the safety of all children, he/she will allocate you a group to be in charge of for the day. Please keep these children within your sights at all times. If for any reason you need to leave the group or the timetable, please make sure you inform the teacher.

The teacher will have grouped the children carefully. Parents may not always be asked to support the same group that their child is in. Please respect the teacher’s professional judgement in these decisions.

Behaviour Expectations

Good behaviour during school trips ensures the safety, learning and enjoyment of the day for children, teachers and adults. Children are expected to be ambassadors for Snaresbrook Primary School.

Please encourage the children to:

  • Listen carefully to speaking adults
  • Ask questions to clarify their understanding
  • Read signs and labels to find out more
  • Talk about what they can see
  • Have responsibility for their safety and belongings
  • Move about calmly and sensibly
  • Respect objects and equipment
  • Demonstrate polite behavior towards other visitors and adults
  • Speak at an acceptable volume for the location

Please ensure that the children in your care are behaving appropriately and do not hesitate to enlist the teacher’s support.

Out and About

Many trips involve moving along pavements and crossing roads. It is usual that teachers will stop the traffic at the place of crossing and the class/group will walk across together. On occasions you may be asked to cross the road with a small group and all regard for safety must be considered including finding a safe place/opportunity to cross.

Children should be expected to:

  • Walk sensibly
  • Stay on the pavement furthest away from the road
  • Keep up with the group
  • Pay attention to adults and traffic

Expectations of Adults

 Adults supporting trips are required to be good role models of behavior for the children. The following guidelines provide care for our children and also safeguard adults against criticism and accusations of inappropriate conduct.  

  • Adults should deal with children sensitively and with equality. Bad language and inappropriate discussion are not acceptable in the company of children.
  • Taking photograph of children on mobile phones or personal cameras is not permitted.
  • Offering children sweets is not permitted.
  • Using a mobile phone for personal purposes is not permitted

It is useful to carry a phone. The school’s telephone number for emergency reasons is;

School – 0208 989 9975

School Mobile Number is – 0793 3352 727

The teacher in charge should call for emergency services e.g. police etc.

These guidelines not only look after the children in our school but also protect the vulnerability of anyone working with children. It is vital for the safety of the group that you report any inappropriate behaviour from adults or children to the teacher in charge. The child protection officers in the school are the Headteacher and Senior Teachers if you have any concerns you wish to share.

A downloadable copy is available below