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Helping parents raise happy and confident children – Parent Gym, a 6 week programme

Parent Gym is run by Mrs Ali, an experienced Early Years Educator and member of our Reception staff.

The 6 week programme provides tips and ideas on improving everyday situations within your family. Making sure our kids are healthy is an important part of parenting as well looking after our own mental and physical health.

It is a course of six 2-hour workshops with ‘missions’ to complete in between each one. Each ‘gym’ has up to 12 parents and one Parent Gym Coach.

Each week’s session is devoted to a different topic (Chat, Love, Behave, Care, Discover and Together) and comes with its own unique Parent Gym magazine packed with practical tips that you can work on as a family. 

We plan to continue the delivery of this on-going program so that all our families have the opportunity to experience the challenges of being a parent in a fun and proactive way.

If you would like to sign up or to find out more please contact Mrs Ali or follow this link :)

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