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The blog is an insight into the activities in Nursery. It is updated every fortnight so check back for more updates!

26 March 2018

Last week the children explored colour mixing using a paints.  They chose two primary colours, mixed them together and talked about the new colour they had created.  You can see the completed colour mixing sheets in the easel area in the Nursery. 

colour mixing

23 March 2018

This week the children the children have been practising their scissor skills.  As part of our topic 'Under The Sea, we read the story 'Octopus Socktopus' by Nick Sharratt.  The children enjoyed exploring the rhymes and nonsense words in the book.  At the end of the week we decided to create our own octopuses.  The children snipped a fringe around the end of a kitchen roll inner tube to create the arms.  They chose their favourite colour to paint their octopu then added googly eyes and a smile.  You can see the finished octopuses in the nursery coat room. 


16 March 2018

This week the children the children have been practising their observational painting skills.  As part of our topic 'Under The Sea' the children looked at images of different sea creatures.  They talked about the different shapes and colours they could see then painted a picture of their favourite sea creatures.  You can see all of the paintings in our new and improved book area. 

sea creatures

09 March 2018

This week the children learnt about Mother's day.  they talked about the different people that looked after them and thought about different ways that they could say thank you.  The children made a card to send to their mothers or another special woman in their lives. 

mothers day

19 February 2018

This week the children learnt about Chinese New Year.  They watched video clips of dragon dances, heard the story of the race between the animals and created their own dragon heads.  The children used PVA glue and tissue paper to decorate a plastic cup before adding streamer to make the fore and googly eyes to finish it off.

chinese new year(1)

02 February 2018

This week, as part of maths week, the children have been exploring symmetry.  They looked at symmetry in nature, explored ways to make symmetrical patterns using the interactive whiteboard, beads and laminated ladybirds. The children had a lovely time creating symmetrical ladybird biscuits to sell at the bake sale in aid of the NSPCC.

19 January 2018

Last week the children read the story ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ this week they have been creating bridges to help the goats to cross the bridge.  The children learnt how to build, balance and connect different construction kits.  They experimented with ways to create steps and used different techniques to strengthen their structures.  Some of the children used their bridges to retell the story of
'The Three Billy Goats Gruff.'


5 January 2018


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