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12th October 2018

This week the children had their first P.E lesson in the hall in the main school.  They practised throwing and catching and kicking a ball. All the teachers were very impressed with the way the children listened to and followed instructions. 

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28th September 2018


14th September 2018

Climbing Higher!

This week new hand and foot holds were added to our climbing wall to make it easier for all the children to access it.  The new holds mean the children can safely climb higher and further without adult support. 


14th September 2018

Starting Nursery!

This week our new children who attend Nursery all day started.  By Friday all the children were staying all day.  At lunchtime the children eat in the hub then play outside in the Reception outdoor area with their lunchtime teachers.  Scroll down to see a picture of some of the children playing with Miss Rose. 


6th September 2018

Welcome Back to Nursery!

Our children returning for their second year in Nursery started back this Wednesday.  They have settled in very well and are getting back into the routine of being in Nursery.  This week they have been spending time exploring the new resources and layout inside and checking on our garden.  On Thursday they found some ripe tomatoes that had survived the heat wave and had a lovely time picking, washing and eating the fruits of their labour. 

3rd September 2018

What's new?

During the summer we have made some changes to the Nursery layout and added new resources to our open access provision.  Have a look at the pictures below and spend some time talking to your child about their favourite place to learn in Nursery and what they like to do there

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