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7th January

This week we started our new topic 'We’re Going On A Bear Hunt'. Our first core book was 'Goldilocks And The Three Bears'. To help the children understand events in the book we made our own porridge. The children took it in turns to measure out the oats and stir the porridge. They enjoyed using all of their senses to explore  the changes that took place as the porridge was heated but the best part was tasting the results  of all their hard work. 

14th December

The children had a very exciting experience today.  We were visited by Atomic Anthony from Fizz Pop Science and we all took party in an action packed science workshop.  We learnt how bubbles are formed, used special glasses to see the spectrum of light, made bubble snakes, played with catchable bubbles, launched a bubble rocket and created our own chemical reaction using citric acid, baking soda and water. 

30th November

This week we have been very busy preparing for our Christmas performance and making Christmas cards.  We used green paint to create a handprint Christmas tree then added glitter and sequin decorations.  We are looking forawrd to bringing our cards home and performing for you all.  

xmas cards

16th November

This week have introduced challenge cards.  Each week the children are set three different challenges to complete.  Each challenge is set in a different area of the Nursery and is designed to encourage the children to try new activities and develop new skills. Each child has a challenge card with a picture of the week's challenges. As the children complete a challenge they show it to a member of the team and collect a stamp for their challenge card.  The chidlren have really embraced the challenges and we are looking forward to seeing their skills and confidence levels increase.  You can see some examples of this week's three challenges below, painting a picture of the moon, creating a play dough alien and building a rocket.  

2nd November 2018

This week as part of their new topic 'Up and Away' the children have been reading the core book 'The Great Balloon Hullaballoo'. The characters in the story visit each of the planets in the solar system to collect an item on their shopping list.  The children enjoyed learning the names of the planets in the solar system and talking about what they each looked like. At the end of the week the children created their own planets.  They each chose an image of a planet, looked carefully at their chosen image then chose the paints they needed.  The children added paint to their paper circle then placed a sheet of plastic over the top and spread the paint around to create new colours and effects. 


12th October 2018

This week the children had their first P.E lesson in the hall in the main school.  They practised throwing and catching and kicking a ball. All the teachers were very impressed with the way the children listened to and followed instructions. 

Photos to follow

28th September 2018


14th September 2018

Climbing Higher!

This week new hand and foot holds were added to our climbing wall to make it easier for all the children to access it.  The new holds mean the children can safely climb higher and further without adult support. 


14th September 2018

Starting Nursery!

This week our new children who attend Nursery all day started.  By Friday all the children were staying all day.  At lunchtime the children eat in the hub then play outside in the Reception outdoor area with their lunchtime teachers.  Scroll down to see a picture of some of the children playing with Miss Rose. 


6th September 2018

Welcome Back to Nursery!

Our children returning for their second year in Nursery started back this Wednesday.  They have settled in very well and are getting back into the routine of being in Nursery.  This week they have been spending time exploring the new resources and layout inside and checking on our garden.  On Thursday they found some ripe tomatoes that had survived the heat wave and had a lovely time picking, washing and eating the fruits of their labour. 

3rd September 2018

What's new?

During the summer we have made some changes to the Nursery layout and added new resources to our open access provision.  Have a look at the pictures below and spend some time talking to your child about their favourite place to learn in Nursery and what they like to do there

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