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Looking for Name Labels?

Snaresbrook Primary School is registered with Stikins, family owned business, which promotes a school fundraising scheme through which the school will receive 30% commission on every order placed quoting the school reference number 18148

Why choose Stikins Name Labels?

1. Easy to use!

Stikins ® name labels are made of an advanced material; all you have to do is stick them onto the wash-care label of clothes. They are a one-size, multipurpose label, which can also be used on school items such as shoes, plastic boxes, water bottles, pencil cases etc.

2. They work!

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3. Help your school!

For each order placed ordering Snaresbrook School’s unique code (18148), we earn 30% commission for the school. You can order online (www.stikins.co.uk), over the phone (01270 668076) or by using the order form on the leaflet below.

Stikins Name Labels
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