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On-line Safety

Here at Snaresbrook Primary School we strive to make sure all children in our school are able to use the internet safely and with confidence. While in the ICT suite the children are reminded about how they can keep safe on-line with tips on what to do both at home and school. As part of the ICT curriculum the children are taught about various parts of internet safety such as how to deal with cyberbullying and why it is important to create strong passwords.

If your child is worried about a problem online their class teacher is on hand to help deal with this.


Child Saftey Online Information

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ROBLOX Safety Warning

Children have enjoyed playing ROBLOX since 2011 where they can create characters and play in open online worlds which are also created by its users. The app specifies that a child-friendly chat system limits the amount of engagement younger players have with strangers. However, as with all social networks, it does not eliminate engagement with strangers and children often receive friend requests from people they do not know.

 Kent police raised concerns about ROBLOX after speaking with children in years 2 and 3 and finding that most of them had not told their parents about friends they have on ROBLOX. They also told Kent police that they had received many in game messages and had spoken to strangers via their headset and they had not told their parents. Many children also said their accounts were ‘maxed-out’, meaning they have 200 online friends.

We advise every parent to:

·         Check their child’s ROBLOX account, as well as any other online games that they play.

·         Check that their online friends are known.

·         Speak with your child about staying safe online and monitor their usage.

·         Parents, raise any concerns with your school.

Visit internet matters.org for important news and tips for parents on e-safety. 


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