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Meet our Governors


Andrew Forde-Johnston - Chair of the Governing Body (Co-opted Governor)

Andrew brings to his role of Chair of the Governing Body experience of working in finance at a senior level across the UK public sector in London and further afield over the last 20 years.  This has taken in day-to-day, operational management and high-value projects, including Building Schools for the Future, mixed-use regeneration schemes, acting as lead client for PFIs, senior finance officer for housing associations and building repairs divisions, negotiating/settling commercial disputes and complex legal arrangements.  In this time Andrew has worked for numerous London Boroughs, the NHS, housing associations with some private sector work and consultancy along the way.

Andrew is also a parent of two children at the school (in Year 2 and 1), having lived in Wanstead with his family since 2007.  Other essential parts of his life includes holidays/travelling, books and his extended family up and down the UK in Scotland, Wales and Greater Manchester/Cheshire border, where he was born and grew up.

Governor until 22/02/2021

Sharon Clare - Vice-Chair (Co-opted Governor)

Governor until 22/09/2021

Sean May (Parent Governor)


Throughout my career I have worked in a variety of education settings. Following secondary teaching posts I worked in a college and a business link organization. I worked for Haringey Council for 13 years and most recently as the Post 16 lead. I am now a self-employed education consultant.

I have been a Governor at Snaresbrook Primary from 2013 where, as chair, I helped the transition from special measured to Good. Under the current leadership the school continues to improve and I would like to support this journey to Outstanding. I have lived in the area for 12 years and have one child at the school.

Governor until 09/02/2021

Clare Fernandes - Co-opted Governor

I have two children at Snaresbrook Primary School in Year 1 and 3 and am passionate about all children experiencing an outstanding education. Having worked in various businesses at a senior level for nearly 20 years, I am very driven by outcomes and results. I strongly believe the most valuable outcome for our children is to give them the self-belief, confidence, opportunity and experience to fulfil their individual potential, whether that be in arts, science, sport, music or wherever their passions lie. In addition, I believe schools also have a pivotal role to play in the health and mental wellbeing of our children, an area that I have learnt a lot about since my company have partnered with the children’s mental health charity Place2Be.

I was born in east London and with the exception of a few years living overseas have lived here all my life, I was educated in Redbridge both at primary and secondary level. I am a qualified accountant and have worked as an Executive and non-Executive roles in the UK and overseas, specialising in financial and strategic management as well as change and transformation programmes. I would like to use my skills and experience to make a positive contribution to our school and support the leadership team in helping our children fulfil their potential.

Governor until 09/02/2021

Lisa Bradley-Jones - Co-opted Governor

Governor until 22/09/2021

Rose McDermott - Staff Governor


I have been teaching for six years and this is my second year at Snaresbrook Primary. I taught in Sydney for a couple of years and before that I was at a school in Leeds. I have taught throughout KS1 and KS2 (including Reception) but really enjoy being with the older children in Year 6. I have recently taken on the role of UKS2 Instructional Leader.

My degree, in Communication Studies, has resulted in a passion for teaching English. I am also interested in visual arts and am very proud to be the Art Co-coordinator in school.

Governor until 29/09/2019

Misbah Mann - Co-opted Governor


I have been in education over 20 years. My current role is Primary Executive Principal for BMAT. Previous to this I was Headteacher of an outstanding school in Redbridge.

I have a strategic overview of the whole school ensuring rigorous and robust systems are in place, to ensure we strive to raise standards and give our children the best learning opportunities and experiences.

I bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to the Governing Body of Snaresbrook as an experienced Headteacher. I also work in close partnership with other schools and represent the primary sector on many groups within the Local Authority.

Governor until 22/09/2021

Mr Graham Ford - Headteacher (automatic member of the Governing Body)


Mrs Nicola Hedges - Deputy Headteacher (Associate Member of the Governing Body)


Information about the Board of Governors

 Effective governance provides strategic direction and control to schools.  It creates robust accountability, oversight and assurance for their educational and financial performance and is ambitious for all children and young people to achieve the very best outcomes.

Membership - There are 12 Governors on the Board. 
2 parent governors (elected by the parent body)
Mr S May (in post until 9-2-21)
Ms C Fernandes (in post until 9-2-21) (Vice Chair)

7 co-opted governors (appointed by the Board)
Ms M Mann (in post until 22-9-21)
Mr A Forde-Johnston (in post until 22-9-21) (Chair)
Ms S Clare (in post until 22-9-21)
Ms L Bradley-Jones (in post until 22-9-21)

Vacancy X2

1 Local Authority Governor (selected by the Board, appointed by the LA)

1 Headteacher Governor
Mr G Ford 

1 Staff Governor
Ms R McDermott (in post until 29-9-19)

Associate Members
Mrs N Hedges (appointed annually, in post until 1-9-18)

Committee Membership
Pay Committee - Ms Clare, Mr Forde-Johnston, Mr Ford and Ms Fernandes

Clerk to Governing Body

Ms F Chissim

Please address any correspondence to the Chair of Governors, Care of the School

Roles and Responsibilities of the Governing Body
The three core strategic functions of the Board of Governors are:

  1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction.
  2. Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils.
  3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent

In July 2017, Governors agreed to adopt a ‘non committee’ governing body structure in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness. From September 2017, the Governing Body will meet twice per term. There will be an annual Pay Committee* meeting and statutory panels will be convened as required.

*This Committee has been delegated various roles and responsibilities relating to performance management and pay.

The Board has Standing Orders and Pay Committee Terms of References in place to ensure it functions well. The Board has a delegation planner in place for key tasks and for statutory policy reviews. The Finance Policy outlines the key roles of the Board and Pay Committee in relation to financial management.

 The Board is supported, advised and trained by a professional clerk, Ms F Chissim. Meetings are recorded and the agreed minutes are available on request. Please see a member of the school office.

The Board annually conducts an annual review of its effectiveness and impact and has recently agreed a 3 year Strategic Plan. Each year, governors are asked to sign up to a formal Code of Conduct. See attached. 

All Board members have completed Declaration of Business and Pecuniary Interest Forms.  Currently, there are no 'declarations' on the register. 

All Board members have completed a skills audit.

Board members attend regular training to ensure they have the necessary skills and information needed to carry out the important work of school governance. A log of training is recorded in the minutes of the Board meetings.

Governors also conduct termly monitoring visits, which are recorded in the Board minutes each term. Certain Governors have been assigned a key area of responsibility in terms of holding the school to account for the quality of provision and compliance with statutory requirements 

Date of Meetings & Attendance Record

Date & Type Of Meeting Attendees

Full Governing Body meeting


Full Governing Body meeting


Full Governing Body meeting


Full Governing Body meeting


Full Governing Body meeting


Full Governing Body meeting





Governor Vacancies

There are currently 3 vacancies.

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