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November 2017

Helping parents raise happy confident children’ PARENT GYM - A 6 WEEK PROGRAMME FOR PARENTS WHO CARE

Parent Gym is run by Mrs Ali, an experienced Early Years Educator and member of staff. 
Parent Gym is a series of six workshops proven to increase parents’ skills and confidence and so improve the behaviour and wellbeing of their children.  It is a course of six 2-hour workshops with ‘missions’ to complete in between each one. Each ‘gym’ has up to 12 parents and one Parent Gym Coach.
Each week’s session is devoted to a different topic and comes with its own unique Parent Gym magazine packed with practical tips.  The highly participative sessions explore a vast range of questions such as "How can I get my child to open up?", "How can I resolve family disagreements in a positive way" or “How can I build my child's resilience".
We plan to continue the delivery of this on-going program so that all our families have the opportunity to experience the challenges of being a parent in a fun and proactive way.
If you would like to sign up or to find out more please contact Mrs Ali or visit the school’s website :-    http://parentgym.com/training_and_support.

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