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The Role of Children in the Rights Respecting School Award Process

Children and young people play an active role in their school becoming rights-respecting. The RRSA provides a framework for pupil participation based on the Convention. Adults are encouraged to work with children and young people in an inclusive way to ensure their views are heard and valued in decision making which affects them. There is recognition of the emerging capacities of children to play an increasingly informed and active role in the life of the school.

In a rights-respecting school, participation runs like a thread through all aspects of school life. For children and young people, knowing that they have the right to be heard in decisions which affect them boosts not only their sense of security but also their self-confidence. This opens the way to developing and applying the skills, language and concepts that allow them to realise their rights and to advocate for the rights of children everywhere.

From September 2017, there will be a system of Change Ambassadorship, and ambassadors will have specific roles and responsibilities. All Ambassadors will be part of the Snaresbrook Primary ‘Change Ambassadors Team’ .

The ‘Change Ambassadors Team’ .

  • Article 12 Ambassadors (School Council, school improvement, pupil voice/surveys)
  • Reading Ambassadors – (Library Club, Debating Society, Reading Buddies, Outdoor Literacy (incl. running an outdoor library)
  • Planet Ambassadors – (Eco duties, global citizenship duties, working on the Eco Schools Award, food waste, developing an ‘eco garden’, gardening club, sustainable travel)
  • Faith and Friendship Ambassadors – (Charity work, helping to manage the playground and lunchtime buddies, Inspire Awards, communicating with children in our link school)
  • Panda Ambassadors (Attendance and punctuality monitoring, gate duties, Panda Club (walking bus), identifying pupils for attendance and punctuality awards, motivating pupils and parents to improve attendance and punctuality, working with office on related issues)
  • Health & Safety Ambassadors (First Aid Club, Safeguarding duties, updating the Safeguarding Notice Board, promoting good health , Fruit Club, supporting the E-cadets).

Each team will appoint a Head Boy or Head Girl and will work with a named member of staff to carry out their roles effectively and safely.

All ambassadors will:

  • have a teaching responsibility
  • be asked to show visitors around the school
  • be involved in planning and delivering whole school events
  • report their activities via the school website and newsletters
  • meet with governors
  • be advocates for the rights of the child
  • be involved in school assemblies
  • take the lead in securing our Level One Rights Respecting Schools Award

Panda Ambassadors

Year 4 - Ruby, Amber, Hussain & Safiya

Year 5 - Oliwa, Noor & Sofia

Health & Safety Ambassadors

Year 2 - Harry, Zino, Aidan & Teddy

Year 3 - Musa , Sophia, Bini & Alex 

Year 4 - Jaida, Saacha, Shona & Erin 

Reading Ambassador

Year 6 - Roberto, Adam, Parissa, Marisa, Mehaki, Rebecca, Laura & Gabriela 

Faith & Friendship Ambassador

Year 5 - Lily & Lamia

Year 6 - Argan, Pavneet & Evie

Planet Ambassador

Year 4 - Remmie, Phoebe, Maryam, Timandra, Ngaire, Zahra, Kian, Julie & Flora

Year 5 - Willow, Annie, Oyin, Sarrinah & Jessica

Article 12 Ambassador

Year 3 - Haris, Tallulah, Alma & William

Year 4 - Freya, Taha, Lucas & Lamice

Year 5 - Aryn, Amel, Joe, Mashiat

Year 6 - Millie, Manaal, Yaseen & Gabriel

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