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Snaresbrook Scrapbook

Here you can find all the fun and exciting things that has happened at Snaresbrook Primary School.


Year 5 Mayan Workshop

Year 5 have had a fabulous day taking part in a Mayan Workshop! Our very own Mayan warrior arrived and has immersed us in all things Maya all day long!

The teachers also had a great time in the Mayan Workshop!

year 5 MayanY5mayan

Bunker Update

Bunker Update - We have started digging and found a path in between 2 sets off trees! #SPSFindTheBunker


German Lesson

We are very lucky to have a teacher from Woodbridge High teaching our Year 5 children German! 🇩🇪

We Need YOUR Help

The Year 6 pupils would like your help. As part of their studies into ‘Britain Since the 1930s’, they have been informed by a local source that Winston Churchill’s East End bunker was located on the school site.


Do you, your parents, your neighbours etc have any knowledge of this? Any information would be gratefully received.


The school will begin digging around a concrete structure located in our forest this week for further clues!


No Late Children!

Well done to all the children and parents for being on time, no late children today! Keep up the good work.

Year 1 - Future Actors & Actresses!

Check out Year 1’s drama performance


Nursery's visit to the Edible Playground

Nursery has also been busy in our Edible Playground!


Tomato Fun!

The children were very excited to find a tomato which looked like it had a nose!


Leyton Orient Visit

Year 6 visited Leyton Orient to talk about showing 'Racisim the Red Card'.


Year 1 are having a fun time using paint for the first time to draw a house.


Edible Playground Planting

Year 4 have been busy planting in our Edible Playground.

Year 4 Science Museum Trip

The Year 4 children went to the Science Museum to visit the Wonder Lab and to watch a science show about explosions!

Picasso Inspired Self Portraits

Check out these amazing Picasso inspired self portraits!

IMG_0788 (2) (3)

Age UK

The children had a great time at the Age UK poetry recital

Age uk(2)

Rights Respecting Week - World Heritage Non-Uniform Day

Children are dressed in their clothing relating to their heritage for the last day of Rights Respecting week.

Children non uniform(1)29D2639E-AFA9-4B4E-A3E4-DCD9F33F2688

Rights Respecting Week - Staff World Heritage Non-Uniform

The staff also dressed in clothing relating to their heritage.

Staff1Staff 2

Mrs Clifton's PE Fun!

I think the staff enjoyed Mrs Clifton's PE lesson more than the children!


100% Attendance

We have 3 classes with 100% attendance this week!


Edible Playground Salad

The children enjoyed a salad freshly picked from our Edible Playground today at lunch.


Nursery's First Library Visit

Nursery had their first visit to the main school library today! It was very exciting walking through the big school and choosing their own books.

Nursery library

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Thank you to all the parents who joined us for our Macmillan coffee morning! The staff also had a chance to grab a slice off cake too.

macmillianStaff mc

Rights Respecting Week - Year 5 Drama Workshop

Article 19- the right to be safe and protected from harm.

As part of Rights Respecting Week, Konflux Theatre have been working with children from Year 5 on ‘Play in a Day’. We have been learning about social media and gaming and how we can stay safe online. The children will be working all day on the play and are excited about presenting what they’ve learnt to the school during assembly! 

Brass Assembly

We were very lucky to have our brass teacher, Mr Davidson, and his colleagues perform for us this afternoon. If your child would like to learn how to play a brass instrument please contact the main school office.


Lunch Hall Decor

The children think the new table cloths for the lunch hall are a great idea!

Lunch hall

Lunch with a Governor

Mr Forde-Johnston, Chair of Governors, enjoyed a school lunch with the children.


Rights Respecting Week - First Aid

Year 3 are learning great first aid skills such as CPR! A very useful tool being taught during Rights Respecting Week

First Aid(1)

Caterpillar Trouble in the Edible Playground

We have very hungry caterpillars eating our greens in the Edible Playground!


Rights Respecting Week - Year 4 Activities

Year 4 have been learning about the 17 global goals. We have been drawing what we would like the world to look like by 2030.

Year 4(2)

Rights Respecting Week - Assembly

Thank you Mrs Chissim for a great assembly on the right to good health during our Rights Respecting week


Fun with Lee in the Edible Playground

Lee had lots of fun in our Edible Playground guessing which tomato weighed the most.

Edible Playground Harvest Festival

The children were very excited about the harvest from their Edible Playground!


Edible Playground Tomatoes

Clara is trying to guess which tomato is bigger?!


Year 6 Reunion

It was lovely seeing our old Year 6's this evening. Amazing to hear about their journey into secondary school.

Snaresbrook Twitter

We have now reached 200 followers on our school Twitter account! @SnaresbrookPri is a great way to stay up to date and get instant access to what is happening in school.

Rights Respecting Week

As a Rights Respecting school, we are celebrating Rights Respecting Week! The children will be busy with a series of lessons, workshops and guest speakers to help them learn about their rights and importance of respecting the rights of others.


Year 3's Special Guest

Year 3's  had a great afternoon with Aaron Cresswell from West Ham football club! Thank you Stephen Pond from Getty for sharing the images with us.

Well done Reception!

Well done Reception for settling in beautifully this morning. We cannot wait to have a full time class by Friday!


Dinner hall Updates

Check out our new salad area in the dinner hall


Story time with Mr O'Donoghue

Mr O’Donoghue’s story time is so good, Lee couldn’t resist joining in too!


Year 1 Tunnel Fun

The Year 1 children had fun in our Forest School this morning. They experienced going through a tunnel to think about how they felt and then sharing their feelings and emotions with the class.


Year 6 Reading

Year 6 have been busy reading our text ‘Goodnight Mister Tom’ and making notes on specific language that the author has used. We’ve learnt what “kit-bags”, “affirmative” and “invaded” mean.

Year 6(3)

Nursery Fun

Nursery have been busy playing snails in shells


Edible Playground Grand Opening

The grand opening of our Edible Playground was a very exciting time for both pupils and staff. We were lucky enough to have lots of visitors from Bulb & Trees for Cities as well the Deputy Mayor of Redbridge, Cllr Taifur Rashid!

Thank you Trees for Cities for providing the following photos of the grand opening of our Edible Playground


Edible Playground

The sunflowers are looking great in our Edible playground! I wonder how tall they are?


Recorder Lessons

The Year 4's are having their first recorder lesson. I'm sure our parents can't wait for their children to start practising at home!


Harpe Performance

Thank you Xanthe for performing beautifully to your class, it was a pleasure to listen to your amazing talent!


Reception's Lunch

The Reception children enjoyed their first lunch at Snaresbrook with the help from their teachers Mr O'Donoghue & Mrs Warren. Mr Ford also came along to help.

Reception Lunch Time

The Reception children had a blast on our new climbing frame!

Cricket fun

It was very exciting finding a cricket today at lunchtime!

cricket 1cricket 2

Forest School

Year 3 had a great time using the Forest School. Mrs Clifton lead the lesson in finding natural resources from the Forest School and using these materials to create their own artwork.

Edible Playground

The Year 3 children also helped Mrs Clifton in tending to our Edible Playground. They enjoyed looking at all the plants and vegetables that have grown during the summer holidays. Take a look at the pictures below to find out what thet found!

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