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Getting Ready for Nursery

Starting Nursery is a very exciting time for both you and your child but it can also be a little scary.  Here are some top tips to help your child prepare for and settle into Nursery.

A downloadable copy of this is avaible below.


Independence Skills

Please begin potty training your child before they start Nursery.  Potty training can be difficult for some children and we are more than happy to support you and your child through the process but we are unable to change nappies and pull ups unless your child has a specific medical need.

Encourage your child to dress independently.

Support your child to recognise when they are feeling thirsty or hungry and encourage them to ask for a drink independently.

Please help your child to walk, scoot or cycle to Nursery rather than use a buggy or carry them. This will help them to feel confident and will support interactions with friends that they meet on the way to Nursery.

Speaking & Listening Skills

Spend as much time as possible speaking with and listening to your child. It does not matter what you talk about, it is the skills you are teaching them that are important.  Please do not stop speaking your home language. Speaking more than one language is a gift for any child.

Give your child instructions to follow for example ask them to go and collect an item from another room or give another adult a message and tell you what their reply was. 

Help your child to express their needs and interests, support them to negotiate with other children and use language to solve their problems.

Please take away your child’s dummy they will speak much more without it and we do not allow them in Nursery.

Physical Development

Encourage your child to be active climbing, balancing, running and jumping are all important for your child’s development and will help to prepare them for writing later on. 

Give your child the opportunity to make large marks for example, drawing on the pavement with large chalks, lying on their tummy and drawing on large pieces of paper, using water to paint outside. 


Read to your child every day.  Encourage them to join in when you are reading their favourite story and to talk about the pictures. 

Read in front of your child, if they see you reading they will want to copy you.

Encourage your child to mark make and to tell you about the marks they have made.

Write in front of your child, if they see you writing they will want to copy you.  Give them a piece of paper when you are writing a shopping list or help them make a card for a special person.


Maths is all around you, you could….

  1. Point out numbers you see in the environment.
  2. Count the plates, knives and forks on the table.
  3. Find shapes in the environment.
  4. Cook together and talk about how much the ingredients weigh.
  5. Talk about how much water is in their glass.
  6. Let your child give the shopkeeper the money and look at the change you have been given.
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