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Getting ready for Reception

Starting School is an exciting time for you and your child. Here are some top tips to help support your child’s transition process into school.  

A downloadable copy of this is avaivle below.

Independence Skills

Encourage your child to dress independently.

Support your child during meal times to be as independent as possible by using a knife and fork, carrying their own plates. This will support lunchtime!

Please make sure your child is able to put on their own coat and do their zip up!

Speaking & Listening Skills

Spend as much time reading with your child, this can be done every night as bedtime. Ask your child simple questions about what has happened, what they think might happen next and use the pictures to support discussions.

Give your child instructions to follow for example ask them to go and collect an item from another room or give another adult a message and tell you what their reply was. 

Help your child to express their needs and interests, support them to negotiate with other children and use language to solve their problems.

Play games such as I-Spy to encourage children to hear the initial sounds in words e.g. sssssnake

Physical Development

Encourage your child to be active climbing, balancing, running and jumping are all important for your child’s development and will help to prepare them for writing later on. 

Allow your child to walk to school or cycle as this is really good for their balance, control and independence.


Read in front of your child, if they see you reading they will want to copy you.

Encourage your child to write their name on their own mark-making, this can be done by modelling and working together with an adult initially.

Draw and write together with your child, making sure you do it in different ways e.g. writing a card, drawing using chalks in the garden, drawing pictures for relatives and posting them!


Maths is all around you, you could….

  • Point out numbers you see in the environment, asking them to identify numbers to 10.
  • Let your child give the shopkeeper the money and look at the change you have been given.
  • Identify shapes in the local environment and describe the shape that you would like.
  • Cook and measure with your child, comparing weights and sizes of different amounts.
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