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The blog is an insight into the activities in Year 1. It is updated every fortnight so check back for more updates!

22 June 2018


6 June 2018

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7 June 2018

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23 April 2018

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10 May 2018

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23 March 2018

Year 1 bloggg

23 March 2018

Year 1 blog

28 February 2018

This morning we had our Parents/Carers to read with us, they came in and listened to us read. We loved reading together - thank you for joining us!! 

28 February 2018

Today when we got to school it was covered in snow, we worked really hard and then went out to enjoy the snow! Mrs Mehta and Mrs Rama got really excited about the snow and helped us to make a snowman! 

2 February 2018

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7 February 2018


5 January 2018

This week we have been finishing our work on ‘Into the Forest’ by Antony Browne. We finished reading the story after 4 weeks studying the book, then we acted out the story in our groups. 

19 January 2018

This week we have moved on to the next stage of our DT project on vehicles. The children have stuck together using a hot glue gun the four pieces of wood they cut with the junior hacksaw last week. The children then stuck the rectangle frame onto a white piece of card. After the frame had dried, they cut around the frame using scissors.​

6 December 2017


1 December 2017

This week we visited our local forest. Children had a great time experiencing a forest. They had the opportunity to create there own forest collage using the leaves they collected from the trip. They wrote a description about the forest using adjectives.

17 November 2017

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13 October 2017


31 October 2017


29th September 2017

This week we have been counting in multiples of 2, during rotational maths we took part in 5 different activities all based on counting in 2. We had lots of fun!

15 September 2017

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