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Welcome to Year 3


Year 3


Our curriculum focus for summer 1 is on History. During this half term, the children will be learning about the Romans. The children will be learning about the Roman invasions of Britain, life in Roman Britain, how the Roman army worked and all about the Colosseum. During this topic the children will be looking at a range of non- fiction texts around this theme and will have the opportunity to produce their own information leaflet.

Our Science topic is plants and life cycles. The children will be studying the conditions needed for successful growth and about the life cycle of plants. They will be undertaking their own scientific investigations to draw their own conclusions.

Our Science topic in Summer 2 is Light. The children will be learning about how light reflects from surfaces and how shadows are formed and may change when the light source changes. They will also learn about protecting their eyes from the sun and that dark is the absence of light.

In History we will be studying the Tudors. The children will be looking at the way of life of the Tudors, the way they lived and dressed, as well as learning about Tudor houses. They will also be learning about famous and infamous Tudor monarchs and some of the problems they faced at that time.

Please find our curriculum newsletter attached.

Things to Know


3TH – Tuesday

3DB – Tuesday

Library is on a Monday (3DB) or Friday (3TH) and children must return their book on this day.

Homework is given out on Friday and to be returned by Wednesday.

Please bring your book bag (with books and diary) every day. Parents, please use the diary to tell us how your child read at home, words they struggled with and if you feel the level of the book was not appropriate.


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