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Welcome to Year 4

Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

Welcome to 4SC and 4AC. In Year 4 there are lots of people who help you with your learning - Mrs McGovern, Miss Corboy and Mr Simmonds.



Our curriculum topic for Summer term 1 is ‘Anglo-Saxons and

Scots’. We will be learning about: Roman withdrawal from Britain,

Scots invasion from Ireland to north Britain (now Scotland), Anglo

Saxon invasion (settlements, place names, village life, art and

culture), and Christian conversion – Focusing on Canterbury, Iona

and Lindisfarne.


Our curriculum topic for Summer term 2 is ‘Anglo-Saxons and

Vikings’. We will be learning about: where the Vikings came from and why they raided Britain, different Anglo-Saxon kings, understand about Viking life and learning about the legal system.

In Summer 1, our Science is ‘Living Things’. We will learn to recognise that living things can be grouped in a variety of ways. We will explore and use keys to identify and name a variety of living things. Finally, we will look at how changes to habitats can pose dangers to living things.

In Summer 2, our Science is ‘Bubbles’. This topic also looks at places we see bubbles other than when blowing them through soap mixtures, such as in food to produce lighter (less dense) products. This topic is a chance to explore some of the science that interests us and develops ‘working scientifically’ skills.

Please find our curriculum newsletter attached.

Things to Know

PE Day

4SC and 4AC – Monday

Library is on a Tuesday and children must return their book on this day.

Homework is given out on Friday and to be returned by Wednesday.

Recorder is on a Friday.


Important Dates

Thursday 13th June- Anglo-Saxon/ Viking workshop in school.

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