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Welcome to Year 5


Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Welcome to 5KH and 5SC. In Year 5 there are lots of people who help you with your learning – Ms. Hodgson, Mrs. Haslehurst, Mrs. Hedges, Mrs. Rama, Mr. Simmonds and Mrs. Williams.


Our curriculum topic in Summer 1 is the Anglo Saxons.   In this topic children will learn about where the Anglo Saxons originated from and why they came to England. We will investigate their way of life and what happened at Sutton Hoo.  


The children will be looking at Macbeth by William Shakespeare; and studying the film and themes of The Piano.  Our Science topic is Growing Up and Growing Old.

Things to know

PE days – Swimming Monday or Tuesday

5KH – Thursday

5SC - Thursday

Homework is given out on Friday and to be returned by Wednesday.

Spelling Test on a Friday.

Library - Children must return their book on their library day.

5KH - Tuesday afternoon.

5SC – Friday afternoon