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Year 5 Blog

The blog is an insight into the activities in Year 5. It is updated every fortnight so check back for more updates!

4 July 2018

WOW! What a lovely term of swimming classes 🏊‍♂️! Sadly it was our last lesson but everyone enjoyed the free swim we had. It was so much fun- we got extra time in the pool. With all the skills that we had learnt we used them in the free time we had. The swimming teachers were great🏊🏻‍♂️.And thanks to all the swimming lesson team.We now know that we are all capable of being able to swim but of course it takes time
By 5RM 📒
Romero and Noelle

15 June 2018

This week we enjoyed designing Father’s Day cards- we made them by using water colours and putting some water on the card before it dried and to make it look like a galaxy. We had to drag the paint into some water to make it have a mixed up swirly effect. We used toothbrushes to flick white paint on the finished galaxy so it looked like stars.Then we cut the universe out and stuck it on some dark card of our choice.
After that we wrote a message on the front that continued through to the inside.
By Amber and Lily 5KH

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22 June 2018


Gilwell Park Update

For Gilwell Park updates please click here

6 June 2018

This week, we did a photography workshop. We got to wear funny hats and take pictures with them on . The photographer let us use the professional camera to take pictures and we had to use a button that clicks. Later on the same day, we were posing with our heads facing sideways and our bodies facing a big light to take the pictures.We were given funny names and the teacher tried the hats on too.

By Megan and Rouguy


23 March 2018

Year 5 blog

23 April 2018

Last week Year 5 started swimming lessons at nearby Forest School. We walked there and our lessons will carry on every Wednesday until the 4th of July! Our first lesson went really well! The staff took us when we arrived and then we all got changed then the wonderful staff then separated us into groups depending on if we could or couldn’t swim a length of their pool. After that we got changed and returned to school. It was pretty tiring!


By Max and Shand, Year 5 Digital Leaders

6 March 2018

On Tuesday 6th of March we did a tasting session on the different vegetables that might grow in our new edible playground that is being built for us. After that we voted for our favourite two vegetables. We tasted french beans, lettuce, spinach, rocket, radish, mint and carrot.
We would like to thank Jess from Trees for City’s for letting us do this taste test.

By Willow and Max


14 March 2018

This week we have been working on our displays around the class;such as our portraits,our book corner and our English display😸

Magda and Jessica 

BeFunky Collage

26 February 2018

Today we have been writing our own mini booklets about rivers and their impact on the people around them.We investigated different aspects of rivers.We watched videos read internet pages and made notes. Our different topics were habitats ,transport,farming,water and energy.📚🛳📝

19 January 2018

Y5 blog

22 January 2018

Y5 blog(3)

20 December 2017

This week the children have been busy creating and designing their own chocolate bars and wrappers. They brought the ingredients and equipment for the chocolate making. After they had broken the chocolate into small pieces they put it into the microwave. After that they poured it into their designed net. Finally Mrs McDermott put then into the fridge to set.

Then the children loved tasting it! 

By Shand and Max

20 December 2017

On Wednesday the 20th December the children were busy copying pictures from Tom’s midnight garden and copying poems about death. Firstly if they chose to draw the pictures from tom’s midnight garden they copied them out with pencil. Then added detail with pen and finally went over with water which made the ink bleed.
On the other hand if they chose to copy out the poem as neatly as possible in pen. Then added water culler to draw pictures around the poem. Finally they appreciated it.

15 December 2017


29 September 2017


17 November 2017

year 5

22 September 2017

Year 5 have been learning about the life cycles of a butterfly and frog this week and discovering more about metamorphosis. We have been exploring negative numbers and applying what we know in real life contexts and started our exciting art adventures by beginning whole school Friday afternoon art club!

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