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The blog is an insight into the activities in Year 6. It is updated every fortnight so check back for more updates!

2 February 2018

Hello and welcome to the Year 6 blog.


This week at Snaresbrook Primary School it has been

Maths Week.

A  great big thanks goes to Mrs Chessis (maths coordinator) for all her hard work and ideas during Maths Week.  In year 6 we have had great “maths” fun all week long.

On Monday we created our Rocky Road Cake for the sale on Tuesday after school.

Our next project was to build a Spaghetti Tower, strong enough to support a balloon; not as easy as it looks!

The Happy Puzzle Company came to see us on Thursday and the children had a fantastic time, working collaboratively to solve various puzzles.

Finally we created our own Tic-tac-Toe games; lots of accurate measuring required.

What a great week.

9 March 2018

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