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Preventative Curriculum at Snaresbrook Primary School

The Preventative Curriculum at Snaresbrook Primary School 

Schools have an important role in the delivery of the preventative curriculum, teaching children the knowledge and skills they need to protect themselves from all forms of abuse, including peer-to-peer and online abuse, e.g. online bullying and inappropriate sharing caused by children and their peers, as well as sexual grooming and other things which mainly are linked to the behaviour of adults. 

Current research indicates that that abuse is still under-reported by children, and this is often compounded by barriers to seeking help, including not being listened to or believed by adults.

OFSTED states that ‘Inspectors will evaluate the extent to which the school successfully promotes and supports pupils’ understanding of how to keep themselves safe.’ Inspectors will want to consider evidence that pupils are able to understand, respond to and calculate risk effectively, for example risks associated with online safety.

As a Rights Respecting School, we are committed to ensuring that children's rights are respecting - especially the right to be protected from harm. At Snaresbrook, we deliver the preventative curriculum through our PSHE Programme of study (Jigsaw and Dorothy.Com) and through assemblies and themed weeks. We teach our children the NSPCC PANTS rules (My Body, My Rules) and provide them with the knowledge and skills necessary to stay safe online. Most importantly, through our Rights Respecting work we teach our children to respect the rights of others and empower them to speak out if they feel someone is not respecting their rights. 


Follow the link for information on E-Safety - http://vodafonedigitalparenting.co.uk/ . Every child has also recieve an E-Safety magazine!

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