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Special Educational needs and disability (SEND) information

Snaresbrook Primary School is a fully inclusive school and advocates the inclusive education policy of Redbridge Education Authority.

Inclusion looks at the needs of all pupils including children with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, pupils with emotional and behavioural difficulties, EAL (English as and Additional Language) pupils, and pupils considered to be Gifted and Talented.


At Snaresbrook Primary School we follow the principles of Inclusion as laid down in the Code of Practice for Special Educational Needs 2012, and which is fully endorsed by the London Borough of Redbridge.

  • To ensure all pupils are offered full access to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum
  • All Pupils will be given the opportunity to reach their full potential educationally, emotionally, and physically
  • All teachers view themselves as teachers of pupils with special educational needs, teaching such pupils is a whole school responsibility
  • All pupils with special educational needs should have their needs met
  • Pupil's special educational needs will normally be met in the mainstream classroom
  • Pupil's views should be sought and taken into account
  • Parents/carers have a vital role to play in supporting their child's education and therefore good home/school links are established

Special Educational Needs

Pupils considered to have special educational needs will be put on the Code of Practice in consultation with parents/carers. They will be given the appropriate scaffolding and support to enable them to make the best possible progress. For more information see the Special Educational Needs Policy document. The school has a designated Inclusion Hub which is a provision that supports children with Special Educational Needs alongside their peers.

Arrangements for handling complaints from parents of children with special educational needs (SEN) about the support the school provides - please refer to the school's Complaints Procedure.

If you would like to talk about your child's special education needs, please speak to Miss Johanna Talbott the SENCo or Mrs Hedges, the Headteacher. 

EAL (English as an Additional Language)

At Snaresbrook Primary School, we aim to make appropriate provision of teaching and resources for pupils with EAL and for raising achievement of ethnic minority groups who are at risk from underachieving. We will identify individual pupil's needs, recognizing skills they bring to our school and ensuring that they have equal access to the curriculum. By this we aim to ensure that all EAL pupils are able to understand English confidently and competently, use English as a means of learning across the curriculum and where appropriate, make use of their knowledge of other languages.

EBD (Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties)

At Snaresbrook Primary School we aim to support our children with emotional and behavioural difficulties, by providing a safe, secure and welcoming learning environment in which to learn.

We have in place a range of strategies and methods to best support these children, and facilitate their learning both in and out of the classroom environment, to ensure their achieve to their potential.

Exceptional Level

Providing for pupils working at exceptional at Snaresbrook Primary School is a matter of equity - as with all other pupils they have a right to an education that is suited to their needs and abilities, to allow them to fulfil their true potential. For Exceptional level pupils at Snaresbrook Primary School we aim to stretch and challenge them both in and out of the classroom environment; and to ensure that there are opportunities to further their particular strengths and abilities outside of school.

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