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Maths in Year 6

Year 6 overview

Yearly OVerview

At Snaresbrook Primary School we follow the White Rose Maths scheme of work. This is broken down into different Number, Geometry, Statistics and Measurement units throughout the year. 

We also prepare the children to take their SATS in the Summer Term. 

Knowledge Organisers

A knowledge organiser is a set of key facts or information that pupils need to know and be able to recall in order to master a unit or topic. It is the minimum that needs to be known, rehearsed and stored over time in the long term memory. They should be viewed as the starting point for the topic being learnt. Over the topic the children will learn at a deeper and wider level. 

How can you use them at home?

  1. These can be used as conversation starters with your children to find out what they have learnt at school.
  2. Ask them to 'teach' the information to you 
  3. Used for mini quizzes 
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