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SATS Information

SATS Information

SATs are standardised assessment tests administered by primary schools in England to children in Year 6 to check their educational progress. They are one marker used by the government, and hence parents, of the quality of the education at a school. The setting and marking of SATs are carried out in UK schools by the Standards & Testing Agency.

When will they be?

  • Grammar, punctuation and spelling (paper 1: GPS) – Monday 13th May 2024
  • Grammar, punctuation and spelling (paper 2: Spelling) – Monday 13th May 2024
  • Reading – Tuesday 14th May 2024
  • Maths (paper 1: Arithmetic) – Wednesday 15th May 2024
  • Maths (paper 2: Reasoning) – Wednesday 15th May 2024
  • Maths (paper 3: Reasoning) – Thursday 16th May 2024

Writing is assessed using evidence collected throughout Year 6 in our pupils publishing books and books from other subjects. There is no Year 6 SATs writing test. We submit writing data to the borough in June.

How long is each paper?

Each test lasts no longer than 60 minutes:

  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar (paper 1: Grammar/ Punctuation) – 45 minutes
  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar (paper 2: Spelling) – 15 minutes
  • Reading – 60 minutes
  • Maths (paper 1: Arithmetic) – 30 minutes
  • Maths (paper 2: Reasoning) – 40 minutes
  • Maths (paper 3: Reasoning) – 40 minutes

When will I know what my child got?

Results are given to the school in July and we share the scaled scores with you.

What do the results look like?

Tests are marked externally. Once marked, the tests will be given the following scores:

  • A raw score (total number of marks achieved for each paper);
  • A scaled score (see below);
  • A judgement on if the National Standard has been met.

After marking each test, the external marker will convert the raw score to a scaled score. Even though the tests are made to the same standard each year, the questions must be different. This means the difficulty of the tests may vary. Scaled scores ensures an accurate comparison of performance over time.

Scaled scores range from 80 to 120.

A scaled score of 100 or more shows the pupil is meeting the National Standard.

How can I help my child for the reading paper?

  • Please do not use previous SATs papers, we use them in school for assessment
  • Model reading at home. Share your love of reading with your children.
  • Listen to your child read and discuss their reading with them.
  • Use the CGP books to practise the SATs-style questions.
  • Use the resource links below.

How can I help my child for the grammar and spelling papers?

  • Revise key grammar and punctuation concepts.
  • Brush up on tricky spellings especially 100 5/6 words.
  • Use the resource links below.

How can I help my child for the maths paper?

  • Use our Year 6 area on DB for a never-ending arithmetic paper
  • MyMaths resources.
  • BBC Bitesize
  • Focus on the areas of maths which are green in the table below- these are the areas that come up most frequently in the maths papers


  1. Grammatical terms and word classes revision and practice booklet 1
  2. Year 6 sentences phrases clauses-booklet-2
  3. Vocabulary booklet


  1. Inference booklet
  2. Find and copy- beginner
  3. Find and copy- expert
  4. Give two examples- beginner
  5. Give two examples- expert
  6. Multiple choice- beginner
  7. Multiple choice- beginner
  8. Fiction example


  1. Requires a log-in but papers are free
  2. https://thirdspacelearning.com/resources/resource-diagnostic-year-6-maths-quizzes/
  3. BBC Bitesize
  4. Arithmetic paper
  5. Fluent in 5 arithmetic
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