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Welcome to our Edible Playground

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Outdoor and Woodland Learning (OWL)

At Snaresbrook Primary School we want all children to have the knowledge and skills to understand where their food comes from, including the process of planting, germination, tending, harvesting and enjoying the fruits of their labour. 

In addition to the growing of fruit and vegetables, we give all children the opportunity to study the natural world around them including dendrochronology, meteorology, and the study of minibeasts and insects. 

How is Outdoor and Woodland Learning implemented?

All children have at least one 'Outdoor and Woodland' learning session per term, with our specialist teacher, Mrs Clifton. 

Mrs Clifton has a hands-on approach to every lesson, encouraging every child to participate in all outdoor activities including gardening, forest school and the natural world. 


Snaresbrook Outdoor and Woodland Learning Curriculum


We are always looking for opportunities to promote Outdoor and Woodland learning in the school by participating in additional activities and workshops. Please see below for details about the enriching experiences that we have taken part in. 


In our Outdoor learning we have been busy over the past years learning about sowing, watering, weeding, caring for, harvesting and preparing vegetables for eating (we made a yummy soup last term from our vegetables). We have also worked towards achieving our Royal Horticultural Society School Gardens awards, and we recently received the very excellent news that we had achieved level 5, the highest RHS School Gardens Award! We are now an official RHS Five Star Gardening School. It goes without saying how proud the pupils were and how much they love working in the edible playground.


Redbridge in Bloom 2022

Snaresbrook Primary School achieved 1st prize again in the annual Redbridge in Bloom competition. This year the theme and inspiration was set around the Queen, who became the  first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee, marking 70 years of service. The local authority were encouraging residents, businesses and schools to get involved in their amateur gardening competition by creating a garden fit for the Queen!

well done to the children and Mrs Clifton for their hard work in creating such a wonderful edible playground. We cannot wait to see it develop even more this year. 

Outdoor and Woodland Learning Update

In our Outdoor and Woodland Learning this term we are learning about where our food comes from. We have been harvesting the vegetables that have grown in our Edible Playground over the summer and have used the parsnips, leeks and onions to make a delicious vegetable soup. The children dug up, cleaned, peeled and chopped the vegetables. They then used our new mobile kitchen to cook the vegetables and make a lovely nutritious soup. 

The children really enjoyed eating the soup at the end of the lesson!

Redbridge in Bloom 2021

Snaresbrook Primary School achieved 1st prize at the annual Redbridge In Bloom competition. Thank you to Mrs Clifton and the children for creating such an amazing Edible Playground. This wonderful resource excites and educates all our children from Nursery to Year 6.. The children love Mrs Clifton's fun and practical lessons on germinating, planting, growing, harvesting and eating the wide variety of fruits and vegetables grown. Thank you also to Trees For Cities for working with us to create the Edible Playground. Lastly, a big thank you to parents and children for tending the garden before and after school and for telling us how much you love it!


Redbridge in Bloom 2019

Snaresbrook Primary School achieved 1st prize at the annual Redbridge In Bloom competition. Thank you to Trees For Cities for working with us to create the Edible Playground. Thank you too to Ms Clifton and all of the parents and children for tending the garden before and after school. It was truly a team effort !

redbridge in bloom 2019 2

Monster Pumpkin Competition

The RHS ran a Monster Pumpkins competition whereby  250 schools nationwide were given 2 pumpkin seeds in order to try and grow an enormous pumpkin. Both of our seeds germinated and grew quite large pumpkins! Our final estimated weight was 70kg, which meant we came 4th in the competition.  Well done to all the children who tended and watered the pumpkin during their lunchtimes and playtimes - your hard work produced excellent results!

Orienteering Sessions

In our Spring OWL lesson we took part in an orienteering challenge. We looked at compasses and saw how to align the needle to north. We identified the different compass points.

We then studied aerial maps of the local area and our school.

For our challenge we went outside and using the map and compass, we followed an orienteering course, locating various markers around the school grounds. When we located each marker, we took a photo on the ipad and then went to find the next one. It was a really exciting challenge!

Royal Horticultural Society Level 3

Wow! Level 3! Well done to the children and Mrs Clifton in achieving the Level 3 School Gardening award from the Royal Horticultural Society. 

In order to achieve this level, we needed to be able to answer 'yes' to the following statements:

  • Our Leadership Team or local community support our gardening project
  • We have built on our practical skills and can prepare areas ready for planting
  • We grow a simple range of fruits, vegetables and flowers
  • We encourage wildlife to the garden by providing homes and habitats
  • We re-use as many things as we can and understand composting

Royal Horticultural Society Level 2

We are very excited to announce that we have achieved the Level 2 Royal Horticultural Society Award. This is a huge achievement. In order to achieve this level, we needed to be able to answer 'yes' to the following statements: 

  • We have started to grow some plants
  • We are asking our students what they want to grow
  • We can use basic gardening terms
  • We can use hand tools safely
  • We have the skills to prepare the soil, sow, plant and water 

Well done everyone, keep growing!

Royal Horticultural Society Level 4

Our expertise continues to grow ! Snaresbrook Primary School have achieved Level 4 of the School Gardening Awards from the Royal Horticultural Society. A huge well done to Mrs Clifton, the children and the school community. In order to achieve this level, you should be able to answer 'yes' to the following statements:

  • We can use tools like a professional gardener to dig, rake and sow
  • We know how to protect our plants against the weather, pests and diseases
  • We can plan seasonally to harvest produce throughout the year
  • We know how to use the produce from our garden
  • We raise funds to buy seeds, plants and equipment for our garden

Royal Horticultural Society level 1

Snaresbrook Primary School has been awarded Level 1 of the Royal Horticultural Society School Gardening Awards. To achieve this level, we had to answer 'yes' to the following statements: 

  • We understand the benefits of gardening to children and young people
  • A person has been chosen to lead the gardening project/activity
  • An area has been identified for a gardening project/activity
  • We have planned the area and are looking at resources we might need
  • We understand hazards in the garden 

Well done to Mrs Clifton and all the children on this special award. 

Woodland Trust Green Tree Schools Award

Snaresbrook Primary School applied for the Woodland Trust Green Trees Award. A school is rewarded for taking part in environmental projects such as tree planting and recycling, and for activities such as organising assemblies to raise awareness, and visiting woods. We collected points for each activity, and we are very proud to announce that we have progressed to Gold. 

Edible Playground Opening 2018

On Friday 14th September we had our grand opening of the ‘Edible Playground’. Everyone enjoyed a tour of the Edible Playground, a workshop by Mrs Clifton and visits from the Deputy Mayor of Redbridge, Cllr Taifur Rashid, Rory Field, Corporate Partnerships director of Trees for Cities and Megan from Trees for Cities, who has provided training to support our staff.

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