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At Snaresbrook Primary School, we provide our children with a wealth of exciting opportunities to read widely by having access to a wide range of texts. By the time children leave us in year six, they will have a breadth of reading experiences to draw from.

Our vision for creating a reading for pleasure culture at Snaresbrook Primary is to instil a passion for books in our children so that they become lifelong readers. Reading improves children’s concentration, vocabulary and language skills. It helps to develop imagination and empathy. Perhaps most importantly, it teaches children about the world around them. Children who read widely are able to learn about people, places and events outside of their own experiences.

Our vision for writing is that children are able to write for an audience and with a purpose. That they are able to draw on what they have read as readers and incorporate this into their pieces, having the opportunity to practise the writing processes writers use and, over time, are given the agency to develop their own preferred drafting and editing process so they can write from a position of strength.

We will inspire them to become confident writers who are willing to take risks within their compositions and who will confidently perform their pieces out loud for an audience.


At Snaresbrook Primary School, English is implemented in different ways.

All children have a daily English lesson where children are able to explore writing from the perspective of a reader using a core text. In addition to this, we do daily guided reading sessions, handwriting and letter formation 3 x per week and grammar, punctuation and spelling sessions where  children can learn the discrete rules and associated technical vocabulary. 

Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception) and Key Stage One (Years 1 and 2) have daily phonics sessions. 


Snaresbrook English Curriculum

At Snaresbrook Primary School, children have a daily English lesson in which we follow and incorporate the National Curriculum. Our English lessons are based around high quality texts where we immerse children in the book through discussions, activities and end of unit tasks. 

We also use a number of electronic programmes, such as Phonics Bug, Nelson Handwriting and the Spelling Shed. 


English Websites for Home Learning

Login required:
Read Theory
Epic Books
Active Learn - Bug Club

Websites that do not require a school login:
BBC Bitesize
Natural Curriculum

Beyond the National Curriculum in English

We are always looking for opportunities to enhance English in the school by organising trips, visitors and workshops. Please see below details of the enriching experiences that we have taken part in. 

World Book Day

We celebrated the 25th anniversary of world book day with an amazing array of costumes that honoured all of our favourite book characters. The day began with a celebratory parade to showcase all of the hard work that had gone into these costumes where we all got to enjoy seeing each other all dressed up. We then went back to class rooms where we took part in a book tasting challenge, this was by far our most successful part of the day. Teachers and children alike have been excited by the experience which gave the children the opportunity to get lost in a good book or two. Our afternoons were spent creating art pieces inspired by a class book and we cannot wait to showcase the final projects in our two school libraries.

Poetry Workshop

On Tuesday 21st March some of our year 6 children took part in an Inter-generational Poetry Workshop with our friends at AgeUk. This has become a regular event for Snaresbrook - it’s a wonderful opportunity to write and recite poetry and listen to the work of other people who are older than us and have lots of life experience. 

I was very impressed with the quality of our students’ poetry and the confidence and expression with which they read them to the group. Fantastic ambassadors for Snaresbrook Primary School. 



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