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'Without music, life would be a mistake' 

Friedrich Nietzsche

Snaresbrook Primary School aims to educate, develop and inspire children to achieve their full musical potential. Music inspires creativity and develops essential skills for developing confidence and self-expression. We therefore aim to provide a wide range of musical experiences for all through our ambitious curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities. 

How is music implemented?

At Snaresbrook Primary School all children have the opportunity to participate in singing, tuned and un-tuned percussion work, composition and listening to live and recorded music from Nursery to Year 6. 

We use the Charanga music scheme across the school, and our Years 3-5 have specialist instrumental lessons each week. 

Piano concert photo for newsletter

Redbridge music service instrumental lessons

We offer music lessons in a range of instruments, from guitar to keyboard and many in between, with the support of peripatetic music staff from the Redbridge Music Service (RMS). Children have a weekly individual or small group lesson in which they are taught the skills needed to sit music exams if they wish.

There is a waiting list for most of the instruments taught, so please contact Mrs Jenkins, Office Manager, for more information. 

Day Instrument RMS Teacher
Tuesday Piano Ms Ivanova
Wednesday Violin/Viola Miss Skelton



Mr Davison

Mr Eaton

Friday Piano Ms Ivanova

Snaresbrook music curriculum

Every child at Snaresbrook Primary School engages in quality Music education from their entry into Nursery until the end of Key Stage 2 in Year 6.  In the early Years, music is incorporated consistently into daily routines and is used to enhance teaching of the core curriculum.  In Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, pupils participate in weekly music lessons and Years 3, 4, and 5 take part in a 45 minute instrument lesson with a specialist teacher from the Redbridge Music Service. 

Click on the links below to find out more about our curriculum.

Music Clubs

We have regular music clubs that run each week for different year groups.

Day Activity
Monday N/A

12.25pm - School choir (Years 4-6) 


3.30pm - Singing stars (Years 4-6)

3.25pm - Ukelele club (Years 4-6)


12.25pm - School choir (Years 4-6)

3.25pm - Recorder club (Years 1-2)


opportunities for enriched musical learning

We are always looking for opportunities to promote Music in the school by organising trips, visitors and workshops. Please see below details of the enriching experiences that we have taken part in. 

Year 1 at LSO Concert

Year 1 visited The Barbican Centre. They have worked so hard learning the songs over the past month and it was amazing to see them singing to music performed by The London Symphony Orchestra. Well done year 1! 

Royal Albert Hall 2023

On Monday 13th March, Snaresbrook Choir sang at the Royal Albert Hall. They dedicated their lunch times as well as extra after school sessions, to practise a selection of complicated songs. The children sang beautifully and with enthusiasm as they followed the conductor's instruction. Their behaviour when travelling and at the venue was impeccable. We are very proud of their performance and the way they supported each other throughout the show. We are sure that the children will remember this experience for many years to come.

Year 3 Ukulele Concert

The Year 3 Ukulele concert on Wednesday 13th July was a huge success. The children demonstrated the thumb brush strum, three different chords that they have learnt and how to change between chords. They also showed how to sing and play at the same time – what an achievement.

Well done Year 3 and Miss Burton, our Peripatetic Ukulele teacher!

royal Albert hall 2019

On the 4th March 2020, Snaresbrook Primary School took part in the Redbridge Music Festival. The concert showcased new pieces specially commissioned for the event, as well as other pieces celebrating the vast array of cultures among the community. The 2020 theme of ‘Travel and Exploration’ was woven throughout the concert; touching upon various languages and musical styles including Yiddish, Chinese, Folk music and a steel pan ensemble.

The evening was the culmination of hours of hard work between students and the teachers. Well done everyone!

South Woodford Christmas Show

On the 23rd November, Snaresbrook Choir (Year4, 5 and 6) sang outside South Woodford Library. Their behaviour was exemplary and their singing was incredible. We are all very proud of their hard work, when practising, and when performing.


Choir at Age UK

Snaresbrook choir have been very busy this term. Each week, they have practised a selection of Christmas Carols within their lunchtime choir club, displaying continued dedication and enthusiasm. This week they performed at the Allan Burgess Centre for Redbridge Age UK, in Wanstead. Both the elderly and the parents were wowed by their beautiful voices and their behaviour. 

We would like to thank everyone who had dedicated their time to help out with each of the trips and a big thank you to the children for participating. 

year 4 recorder lessons

Each year, our Year 4 classes learn the recorder. This has been hugely exciting for the children and given them strong foundations for reading music as well as playing. 

Year 3 Ukulele Lessons

All year 3 children learn the ukelele with a specialist teacher from Redbridge Music Service. The children have weekly lessons and are able to take their ukeleles home to practise. We are always excited to hear them perform and progress as the term goes on. 

year 5 cornet lessons

From September 2021, Year 5 children have been learning the Cornet. They have a weekly lesson with a specialist teacher from the Redbridge Music Service. It is a tricky instrument to play but they are already impressing us !

Conductive Music

Conductive Music came in to give free lessons to children. The children were taught how to play music through different objects including fruit and vegetables, lego, playdough. These were then linked into the computer and the sound was played through the computer speakers. It was a great day!

lso concerts

Our Year 5 children experienced the spectacle of a live symphony orchestra. The LSO and presenter Rachel Leach guided us through the enchanted woods of Eastern Europe and their tangled tales of wolves and witchcraft. We explored a musical path through the dappled light and dark glades led by the evocative works of Dvorak, Mussorgsky and Prokofiev.

instruments learnt at Snaresbrook

Our children learn a range of instruments both inside and outside of school, and are always keen to showcase their musical knowledge. 

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