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Curriculum Rationale

"Let the questions be the curriculum"


The curriculum we offer is rich, balanced and relevant to our children. It consists of a range of exciting learning opportunities and experiences that meet the requirements of the National Curriculum. 

Our curriculum maps have been produced to reflect a 'creative curriculum' approach. We have carefully considered how to sequence the experiences, skills and knowledge we believe our children need, in order to be successful on their learning journeys. We have taken the 2014 National Curriculum and linked each subject overview document to ensure a clear, coherent progression. 

Snaresbrook curriculum

The whole school overview document details the National Curriculum objectives for each subject and is organised by year group. 

Snaresbrook Curriculum Drivers

In order to achieve our curriculum aims, we have identifed three 'curriculum drivers'. 

Our curriculum drivers are: 

Curriculum values


Year Group Overviews

The year group overview document details what children will cover throughout the year in all curriculum subjects and is organised by subject and half term. Please see the overview relevant to your child's year group below.

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