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Muga Courts

The school has been successful in securing £25,000 to build two Muga courts in the large playground. This will support the delivery of high quality sports education. The courts will be installed before April 2019.


The school is involved in the recladding of the exterior of the school. This is an on-going project that involves changing the red cladding to two shades of green and yellow cladding.


New Key Stage 1 Climbing Frame

We are excited to announce that a new climbing frame is to be in the Key Stage 1 playground on Monday 18th June 2018. This will help build the children’s confidence and resilience as well as develop their upper body strength, balance and turn taking. See plans attached


Summer Holidays 2018

There is an extensive programme of refurbishment taking place over the Summer holidays 2018. The following works are planned:

  • Re-development of the main gates (see below)
  • Re-decoration of all Key Stage 2 classrooms
  • All classrooms to have new SMART flat panel plasma boards to replace current screens and projectors
  • New flooring in priority classrooms
  • Re-development of the Atrium into a dedicated intervention space

Meadow Walk and Eagle Lane Improvements

There are significant improvements planned for the Summer holidays 2018 to the front of Snaresbrook Primary School.

These include;

  • Electronic gates – (blue on map)
  • New metal fencing  - (yellow on map)
  • New pathway – (red on map)
  • New pavement and crossing at Eagle Lane entrance
  • Relocation of disabled parking
  • Improved exterior lighting
  • New road markings and signage

Please see the map

Outside Improvement Map

Playground Improvements

There are significant improvements planned for the Spring Term 2018 to the school playground. Working in collaboration with Trees for Cities under their Edible Playgrounds project the playground will be transformed to create an Edible Playground that enhances school learning and health, including food growing, cooking and healthy eating, food education and enterprise.  

Please see www.edibleplayground.org

Snaresbrook Primary Edible Playground 2018
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